Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New Contributor: Joe 'The Pirate' Ellis 
Name:                                                         Joe Ellis
Home parkrun:                                           Sheffield Hallam, in Endcliffe Park
Date of first parkrun:                                  November 2011
Total Number of parkruns:                         22 - April 2012
Number of other parkrun locations run:     6   -    "        "
Number of times volunteered:                    Once
My parkrun history:                                    'parkrun' barcode A201291
I'm an old git with strong fitness/competative/travelling/addictive/stats genes. Rugby, Triathlon, Concept2 indoor rower, golf, stamps and swimming are now all 2nd to'parkrun'.

 'parkrun' ticks all of my 'boxes' and added more. 

I learned about 'parkrun' from my daughter with whom I share a friendly rivalry. Once is not enough as a volunteer. After finishing I go to the nearest point on the course, not the finish line!, and shout a '2 minute (to go) warning', with a push the remaining distance can be covered in less! My favourite shout is the current minute followed by "Push, Push, Push!"

I immediately took to the regular every week nature of 'parkrun' which I had not known since my rugby days, which is too long ago to mention. I no longer relish the nose to nose challenge and the physical clash which I once embraced, is now plain scary. However, week on week, informal unannounced races happen and I still love it. Win or lose a hand shake at the end is a rugby tradition I still follow at 'parkrun'. Mind you I don't need an opponent to struggle for a p.b., my motto is 'finish with an empty tank'. competitive/addictive

I also get fed up of the sweat box that is the gym, outdoors is so much better. I.M.H.O. nothing beats running as a weight loss activity. However, the swimming/ rowing itch will still need to be scratched. I use swimming as a physio session to ease the pulls and strains of land based pounding. The http://www.concept2.co.uk/ website has a worldwide base with world rankings to be had. Also http://www.nonathlon.org/ is a 9 element format for rowing with age graded scores out of 1,000. My lifetime metres total clicks on, it now has 6 noughts. competitive/addictive/stats/fitness

We have loved travelling to away fixtures, so far, always smaller and more intimate. At Concorde, Sheff our crew of 5 boosted the field to 17 and every last one stayed to applaud no.17 in, Sylvia my best mate appreciated that. We also house/dog sit, the Saturday is always to the nearest 'parkrun'. Our camper van will help us surge into the lower ranks of the 'most events' list. The 2012 Scotland trip will tick off a few Caladonian events on the way to Orkney. travel/addictive

Then there are the 'parkrun' things that makes it special. I am not naturally gregarious but the added ingredient of a run is enough to break the ice. Sharing a few words with like minded, 'do it' people lifts my moral again and again. Oh yeah, its free (typical Yorkshireman - short arms long pockets). Also the debrief detail is awesome. parkrun thingy

Finally -I'm not really a Pirate. Clue - I do do every 'parkrun' in my distinctive blue/white quartered Bristol Rovers FC shirt