The parkrunfans blog is intended to allow anyone involved in parkrun to share their parkrun knowledge, runs, training and experiences with the rest of the parkrun community.

I would the parkrunfans blog to become the online parkrun community that mirrors the real parkrun commuinty feeling we all see at our local parkrun, where any parkrunner can share their parkrun stories with the rest of us.

I would especially like parkrunners to get involved who would otherwise have no way of sharing their own parkrun thoughts and experiences with others. On the parkrunfans blog every pakrunner can find their voice.

Any parkrun themed thoughts or stories are welcome on the blog. For example:
- how you heard about parkrun
- your first parkrun and your initial impressions of parkrun
- your home parkrun
- parkrun toruism and any other parkrun events you have attend
- freedom parkruns and other training
- weekly parkrun event write-ups
- your parkrun targets
- parkrun volunteering and the volunteers themselves
- even other races that you are planning to do outside of parkun
- any parkrun or running topic you can think of!

If you would like to contribute to this blog then please take a look at the "Contributors" page for more information on how to get involved.

Twitter: @parkrunfan
Facebook: www.facebook.com/parkrunfans