Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New contributor: Kassia Gardner

Name: Kassia Gardner
Home parkrun: Milton Keynes
Date of first parkrun: 26/06/2010
Total Number of parkruns: 42
Number of other parkrun locations run: Conkers parkrun is my 2nd home, but I’ve also done Sunderland, Newcastle and Braunstone.
Number of times volunteered: Erm, not sure. I’ll update this when I get the next email. But I think it’s about 12 times
My parkrun history

Twitter: @mumthatruns
My Blog: Daily Dash Running Blog

I first discovered parkrun when I was trying to come back from an injury whilst training for the Great North Run. It was a great way of getting me out and running on a Saturday, and feeling smug that by 10am I’d done my run for the weekend (in those days I did long runs during the week).  Six months later I was still doing parkruns and I’d brought my 5k time from 31:05 to 28:20. I got to 26:05 in 2011 before spending most of the autum with a knee injury. Currently I can get round in about 26:40 so my next goal is to get below 26 mins and eventually go sub-25 mins.

At the start of 2011 I became one of the MK parkrun Race Directors, which whilst sometimes a little nerve-racking is good fun as you also get to encourage the runners over the finish line. I’ve also done several other volunteer roles as well.

I run because I love running, and I love the fact that with parkrun you can choose to race yourself, just go for a steady run or go round with friends and family. It’s whatever you want it to be that particular week.

I often run with my 7 year old daughter, who usually takes between 30 and 38 minutes depending on whether she wants to go fast or have fun. The other runners might think we’re mad as we race down the hills pretending to be aeroplanes (yes, I do stick my arms out and make a nee-owing noise) but we don’t care.

It might sound cheesy but I can honestly say that since joining the parkrun family I’ve met, and become friends with, more people in 18 months than in several years of living in MK.

Happy running parkrunners!

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