Monday, 9 April 2012

Inaugural runs: Newbury parkrun (11 February 2012)

My marathon is nine weeks tomorrow. Take off the taper, and that leaves six weeks to train. So what training have I done since last Saturday's parkrun?

Nothing. Zip. Diddly.

But Saturday is parkrun day, and parkrun trumps sloth, so at 9am I joined 316(!) other freezing runners for the inaugural Newbury parkrun.

Yes. Despite snow and sub-zero temperatures, 317 people took advantage of the generosity of the volunteers and ran* around the flat, single-lap, hard-packed gravel** course with stunning views***.

And in the throng were plenty of familiar names and faces, including:

  • the race photographer that I first met at Southwick parkrun

  • a parkrun tourist who I've watched vanish into the distance at Ally Pally, Wanstead Flats, Hampstead Heath, Valentines and Wormwood Scrubs

  • the parkrunner who gave me lifts between the longest parkrun's seven venues

  • the chirunning coach from a great workshop I went to last March

  • a posse of Basingstoke parkrunners I recognised from Eastbourne's inaugural run

  • two of the touring party of Burnham Joggers

  • and Chris and Linda Cowell, who are at 1st and 5th place on the most events table and who have clocked up a remarkable 77 and 63 different venues respectively.

*jogged gingerly. At least in my case.

**allegedly. Underneath the snow.

***so I'm told. I was too busy watching my step to look up.

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