Saturday, 28 April 2012

Side stepping the puddles at Colwick

Colic is way the locals say it . That's a tip I could have done with on my 2 wheeled Monday reccy.
Once the location was sorted I got close to the course on 4 wheels by going round the back of Nottingham Racecourse (horses) beyond the Colwick Hall Hotel, Colwick Park, Racecourse Road, Nottingham, NG2 4BH, to the far end of the unmade car park ("This park is locked at 7pm" - no problem). Its a 400 metre stroll along the paths, keep going towards the water, cars and the 9 metre high 'wall' in the Adventure centre. See the 'parkrun' site for details of the several car parks in the centre of the park but when approaching from the city centre, west, you save about 2 miles and 10 minutes and its free.

Packed earth paths thread their way small trees along with cinder paths through grass swathes make Colwick a beautiful and tranquil park. Until the stampede of 100+ 'parkruners' invade once a week.

The course is clockwise around a small loop, a big loop and the small loop again, ultra flat the only undulations are flood control levees that shape the lakes and waterways which seem to be all over the place. The start is one side of the Adventure centre and the finish at t'other. When dry it must be a flier, get that tempo going, hold on and a p.b. must be within reach.  . . . it was wet on both my appearances.

The run sets off on the small loop, an early tight right turn gives a view of the runners ahead, or behind! Then its stretching out before the path splits and a 'smiling volunteer' directs you on the only left fork on the course, just as you can see the finish to the right. Onto the big loop, long views of the route ahead mean its difficult to go wrong. If there's a wind, some open stretches can seem a battle but the views of geese, ducks and boats distract you from the pain.

The right turns and views keep coming as the route moves onto the hard paths good for speed if not for comfort. One straight gives you the choice between both surfaces, most choose the road, before ducking into woods and onto the small loop again. The aforementioned tight right looms again for a view of your pursuers! if you go for a long wind up to the finish, now's the time. Thank goodness 'Smiling volunteer' points right this time, and you can see the finish, 45 seconds later its all over.

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