Sunday, 17 June 2012

Handicap winner!

Wow. I'm sooo chuffed. This week was the final week of the Conkers handicap spring league and before this final week only 5 of us were in the running for winning but we could have finished in 12th position as 12 people could take runners up!
The week before the handicap started I had taken 1.5 minutes off my best time which became my handicap time, so at the start I thought I had no chance but went for it anyway. Each week I chipped away at my time gaining vital points. The highlight was last week when I went sub 25.
This week was tough - we were all gunning for the best time possible. I went for it and crossed the line taking another 5 seconds off my best, it  nearly killed me! One of the others had taken over 10 seconds off his best .
The waiting game began - some didn't wait and tried to work it out - I didn't want to do this and give myself false hope.
Sunday morning (this morning) the results were posted on Facebook - I'd done it!
Shows anything is possible and that belief and determination is key. That and having fun - this has been a great addition to our parkrun and bring on the autumn handicap. Thanks Peter Speechley for organising it.

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