Monday, 17 September 2012

It must be about time.... get this parkrunfans blog going again!

I admit that I have been very slack on this for a while and like an unfed plant, the blog has withered to almost to the point of extinction. Well I have decided that now I will put some effort in to get it going again. After all, I must get back to spreading the word about how amazing parkrun is!

So, what's new with me, my parkrun experiences and my running in general?

Well the biggests news (not that is new news, just that its newer than when I was last updating this blog), is that after years of adamantly saying that I would never join a running club, well of course I finally saw the error in that judgement and joined a running club. I'm so glad I did.

M reasoning had always been that I didn't need to join a running club, I can just go out and run whenever I want. That was true. I also said that parkrun was more than enough for me, that was still close to being true too. I also told myself that training on my own was perfect for me. That is still true to some degree, but it is so much easier and much more fun training with others. At a running club you are bound to find other like-minded individuals, with similar abilities and goals and this can only serve to drag you on to improve.

To be honest I am still unable to immerse myself fully in all that the club offers, but over time I hope that this will gradually change. With a young family it is not always easy to find the time for running. I am doing well to make one club training session a week, and not every week. I have been offered many chances to represent the club at various interesting events, unfortunately I am yet to do so. One day this will change I'm sure.

So what have I got out of joining the running club apart from the training sessions? The camaraderie for one. The club handicap races have also been fantastic. I had never even been aware of the concept, but now it has me hooked. Even this last weekend, a recent injury was not enough to keep me away. I just had to be there, even in a marshalling only capacity.

And for all of this, I have parkrun to thank. There is absolutely no way I would have become serious about running without parkrun. Coventry parkrun came along at just the right time for me, over two and a half years ago. parkrun got me hooked on running and then introduced me to the club that I now call my running club.

If, like me, prior to parkrun you weren't really into running, but now find yourself hooked, I can wholeheartedly recommend taking that next step. The step you never thought you would take. Go for it, join your local running club and you will not regret it.

Joining a running club doesn't require that you be a dedicated or serious runner. You don't need to be winning your parkrun each week. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Just so long as you like to run, then you will be welcome at your local running club. It is almost inevitable that your parkrun will have some connection to a running club, or that there will be club runners at your parkrun. Runners are normally pretty approachable when it comes to talking about their club, so don't be daunted.

Thank you to parkrun for making me realise I should join a running club!

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