Friday, 12 October 2012

A year in the life of a parkrun tourist...part 1

By the end of this year I should finally be over the 20 different parkruns mark and onto the leaderboard on the website. That would be 15 new parkruns this year but what has been the highlight, and why do it???

The “why?” is easier to answer – sometimes because I happen to be in a different part of the country so take advantage of the nearest local parkrun. Sometimes it’s planned for somewhere different to go, different people to meet- occasionally there’s someone I met in the discussion groups online that you just have to meet! Which reminds me- I must schedule Coventry in the diary for next year…

So to the highlights of a year of parkrun tourism – where have we been and who have we met??

My first visit this year was the Valentines Day run at Huddersfield, where event organiser Kerry Noble let me be a guest Bunny. All I will say is they are mad for the bunny over there and I got fantastic support and a decent time on a course which is the best example of human spaghetti I have ever seen! There were people everywhere and a fantastic atmosphere, probably the best venue for the kids too!! This picture is actually from our second visit to Hudds, but included meeting parkrun uber-tourist Dave and is one of the very few pictures of me I actually like!! The other is from the same day when Yorkshire Cancer Research launched their Bounce event – Jamie having a blast!!


A couple of weeks later we hit Oldham parkrun, travelling over with parkrun royalty Nicola Forwood, Ben and Jaz and meeting the infamous Simon Bruce Lee, sorry, Lake. Slightly odd choice this but bear with me- knew Simon from the forums hence good to meet but after the run I was meeting a mate and along with Ben we were catching the train from Manchester to go to a gig in Glasgow. Makes sense now!! Interesting course, usual friendly people and Ben in particular ran a blinder with a comeback pb that saw him finish in the top 10 and taking me down in impressive style on the last lap! The gig was fantastic too – a great weekend, though Preston station is not great to get stuck on a Sunday due to engineering works…

Next to Colwick in Nottingham- not a good run due to a late night out with far too much alcohol but a lovely course! Just over a lap round the lake and flat- this one needs doing again properly, and don’t be put off by the trails- keeps it interesting!! Definitely recommended, and one of my favourite courses!

In between travelling we do of course attend our local parkruns - and do some volunteering!! Sometimes I am off wandering, alone or with other tourists, but parkrun is always part of our weekend. Find out more about our touring plans by joining our Facebook group "Discussion Group for parkrunners on tour".

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