Monday, 22 October 2012

Tourism and back home again

Well, seems like a while since I blogged here (it is - oops!)

Summer came and went and along the way were a number of tourist runs.

Arrow Valley - inaugural run. Top 3 female placing. Lovely course with PB prospects. Beautiful run round the lake and brilliant cafe afterwards.

Forest of Dean - great fun, welcoming group of people. Didn't get lost but did lose both trainers in the boggy mud. Loved it. Would recommend it to any tourists.

Bryn Bach - another stunning course (be careful it starts at the other side of the lake to the description so involves a 1km walk/jog (or in our case sprint!) to the start line. Small but really friendly run. Another PB course and fantastic toast in the cafe afterwards.

Back home to Conkers and I've been enjoying encouraging people round to break the 30 minute barrier. It made me feel even more proud to be part of this great movement and I've enjoyed running and chatting to different people. Somewhere in here I got my 50 t-shirt too which is now proudly worn week on week.

Conkers continues to grow and grow with a regular 100+ runners now each week which is testimony to the great work of the volunteer team all led by Andrew Harris.

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