Friday, 2 November 2012

Coventry parkrun smashes the 5000 registrants barrier

I have just had a quick look at some parkrun stats and noticed that Coventry parkrun has broken through the 5000 registrants barrier this week.

See the Registrations This Week page.

Somehow another 40 people have registered this week. It always amazes me how parkrun continues to grow.

Random stat: On this statistic alone, this makes Coventry roughly the 17th largest parkrun.

The 5000 figure does go to show how many people are interested in parkrun in Coventry. But I wonder how many of those have never run a parkrun? I would guess around half.

Just imagine what would happen if they all turned up one week! Probably not this weekend though given the cold spell.

On that thought, this means that less than 8% of registrants turn up to run each week. I wonder why it's such a low percentage. Quite strange.

I suppose the fact that there is no need for commitment or regular attendance is yet another of the great attractions of parkrun to the masses of runners and occasional runners alike.

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