Friday, 30 November 2012

Introducing parkrun Pat (just an average stat!)

I'd like to introduce you to parkrun Pat by way of a little ditty (please bear with me, I think I must have eaten something strange!):

parkrun Pat is just a stat,
Pat could be man or a woman at that,
Pat might be thin or could be fat,
But Pat is just an average stat.

Pat could be an adult or child you know,
Pat isn't particularly fast or slow,
Pat can run the whole way though,
And Pat is never a no-show.

parkrun Pat will always be,
A parkrun regular like you and me,
The parkrun sort you'll often see,
Going for a parkrun PB.

To parkrun, Pat will always go,
Pat listens to the parkrun show,
Pat is the parkrun average Joe,
And could be anyone you know.

So that is parkrun Pat.

Pat is a parkrun regular. Ever present. Male or female. Adult or child. Fast or slow.

Pat is not a real person, Pat is the parkrun average. And through statistics I will try to keep you up to date with how Pat (the average parkrunner) progresses over the weeks and months. As parkrun grows, how will Pat's average performance change? How many times will Pat have run? How will Pat run each week.

I will try to keep you posted every now and again.

Pat = parkrunner average time

I might recover from this (hopefully temporary) spell of insanity fairly quickly and we may never hear of Pat again, but you never know!

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