Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Half marathon approaches

It's that time of year....half marathon season!

Had you said that to me in years gone by I would have replied "so what" or "not for me". But this time round I find myself 4 days away from my 3rd ever half marathon.

This fills me with both excitement and trepidation. Trepidation due to past experience: my first half marathon was in 2004, long before I became a regular runner. I ran the Great North Run a little too hard and finished it being carried the last few yards and taken straight to the hospital tent where I spent many hours on a drip with severe dehydration and memory loss. What a shame that I ran the GNR and have no recollection of finishing it!

My second half marathon in 2009 was purely about setting those demons to rest. I still wasn't into running at that time (I hadn't yet found parkrun which would really get me started), but I managed my (still) PB of 1 hour 33 minutes (plus change).

This time round I consider myself a runner. This time I have targets. The only problem now is that my long term calf injury has shown worrying signs of returning. Fingers crossed it doesn't!

So firstly I want a PB, secondly I have to go under an hour and a half and thirdly I'd like to set a time that I am proud of. Maybe I am setting my sights a little high aiming for an 8+ minutes PB at around 1 hour 25 mins, but a man can dream right?!

As long as the calf injury doesn't bite me in the leg, I should have a chance!

I'll let you know how I do.

Good luck to all other parkrunfans taking on a half marathon this weekend!

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