Friday, 22 March 2013

parkrun registrations this week...22nd March 2013

There is still a little time for new registrations this week, but at the time of writing and compared to the figures in my post this time last week....

Totalling up new registrations across parkrun globally, shows that parkrun has attracted a further 4,692 registrations in a week.

This takes the total number of global parkrun registrations (according to my official source page on the parkrun website) up to 470,690 (up from 465,998). That is a growth in total registrations of over 1% in a week.

As far as I am aware, there are 2 new parkruns starting this weekend:
Cross Flatts parkrun in Leeds and Llyn Llech Owain parkrun near Gorslas, Wales

For the fifth week running Marlay parkrun is at the top of the charts with the most new registrations this week.

Just 5 different parkrun events have added 50 or more new registrants this week and they are:
Event   Total   This week   
Marlay parkrun1150149
Malahide parkrun3621118
Newy parkrun3134115
Nahoon Point parkrun297068
New Farm parkrun493557

No great surprises in the "largest parkrun in the world" (by total registrations) category this week, where it is still the same top 5:
Event   Total   
Bushy parkrun21815
Glasgow parkrun13053
Leeds parkrun11848
Brighton & Hove parkrun10639
Wimbledon Common parkrun10240

Richmond parkrun is now less than 100 away from being the 6th member of the 10,000 registered runners club.

And at the other end of the spectrum (with the lowest number of registered parkrunrunners), but just as worthy of a mention (as these are new or future parkrun events) we have:

Event   Total   
Enniskillen parkrun1
Peter Pan parkrun1
Big Bay parkrun2
Forest Rec parkrun4
Fingal Bay parkrun7

These are 5 new parkruns appearing in the list with registered runners for the first time. It's always great to see new/future parkrun events appaearing in this list.

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  1. please give me the link to the new registrations. Used to have it, but the gremlins attacked and now its gone. I loved to see the totals edging up week on week.
    Joe, Graves-Hills & Highland Cows


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