Monday, 8 July 2013

parkrun stats of the week..6th July 2013

The parkrun statistics of note for last weekend are:
- 266 parkrun events run
- 38,492 runners

The average number of runners per parkrun event run was: 144.7.

26 parkrun events recorded new record attendances last weekend, as follows:

Record Attendance  
Amager Strandpark 56
Aveley 35
Barrow 189
Basingstoke 391
Braunstone 287
Brueton 267
Delamere 156
Derry City 105
Durham NC 38
Gdansk 144
Greenwich 158
Griffeen 127
Huddersfield 478
Ipswich 178
Livonia 40
Lódz 152
Mansfield 100
Newport 361
Oak Hill 75
Porirua 71
Porthcawl 140
Southampton 513
Stewart 251
Warszawa-Praga 104
Woodlands 90
Wroclaw 34

The longest standing parkrun attendance record is:
Record Attendance   Record Week  
Amager Faelled 146 28/08/2010

And in the UK it's:

Hackney Marshes 75 21/05/2011

The highest attendance this week was 901 at Bushy parkrun.

The lowest attendance this week was just 3 at Nibe parkrun.

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  1. Inaugural Porirua parkrun was held on Saturday with a good turnout of 71 runners, considering it's the middle of winter. We all managed the 40 metre climb to the turnaround on a four wheel drive track through bush following the course of a stream. We ehjoyed the return descent even more. This is the forth parkrun for New Zealand,the first in Lower Hutt started 5 May 2012. Plenty of scope for a few more yet in New Zealand.


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