Wednesday, 2 October 2013

9 years of parkrun (birthday) growth

Happy Birthday parkrun, 9 years old today. And to use the line we normally use with nine year olds...."Wow, haven't you grown!".

parkrun birthday weekends over the last 9 years have had the following turnouts:

Sat 2nd October 2004, Bushy parkrun, 13 runners
Sat 8th October 2005, Bushy parkrun, 56 runners
Sat 7th October 2006, Bushy parkrun, 378 runners
Sat 6th October 2007, 4 events, 681 runners
Sat 4th October 2008, 10 events, 1315 runners
Sat 3rd October 2009, 20 events, 2913 runners
Sat 2nd October 2010, 46 events, 5718 runners
Sat 8th October 2011, 95 events, 10179 runners
Sat 6th October 2012, 176 events, 23676 runners

Yet another example of parkrun very roughly doubling in size each and every year, both in number of events and the number of runners (since 2006 at least anyway).

And you can almost be sure that this weekend, 2013 will add a new parkrun birthday edition boasting roughly:
310 events and 45000 runners

Happy Birthday parkrun.


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