Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cannon Hill 28/01

After a very long week at work, I was quite excited about having managed to change my Saturday shift . This meant working 15 hour shift on Friday to enable the Parkrun to happen for me. I only managed nice easy 2x 5k during the week.

I found it so difficult to wake up on Saturday morning and realised finishing so late on the night before wasn't a genius idea. I proceeded with my stretches and a large coffee then off I went . One of my daughters, Nikita & Buzz (my Chi dog) accompanied me.

I arrived at the Park just as the briefing began. Immediately, I was a little disappointed with myself as I really wanted to get there early enough to warm up properly (my fault). Upon start up I meet a work colleague .. Oh dear. For some reason I was rather put off because I keep my Parkrun separate from work (it's my private zone). I felt as if work had followed me on my day off to the park; I guess you are thinking silly woman!!

Anyway, the whistle blew and off we went . The weather was icy and dry. The start went well, but by the end of the first mile I was slowing down. However, I remained the same pace for the next mile and half. My final half I did manage to step up my pace hoping I beat my personal best. And I did.. I beat my PB by 1 second .

How did I feel? Rather disappointed that I only managed my PB by 1 second. Reflecting back now, I am pleased even if it was a second

Lesson learnt : NOT to work double shift day before. To wake up earlier and warm up properly. To be grateful for participation and being part of my weekly Parkrun.

Results: 29.08
5th in my age category
57th lady out of 272 runners

Looking forward to this weeks run. Shall keep you posted.

Kind Regards, Kim

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