Saturday, 4 February 2012

Norwich parkrun, First Timer

Hello and welcome to my first ever Blog and first ever parkrun, Saturday 4th February, cold and icy!! I only took up running in August and have been doing loads of 5 and 10K runs around the Thorpe St Andrew area and whilst away on business and you could say I'm hooked!! As far as organised runs are concerned I've only ever done two, the first was back in September when I did a 5K fun (I used that word loosely, back in September) run, which I struggled round in 35 minutes, but I did it and that's all that mattered to me as it was what got me started. My second was a New Years Day 10K which I completed in under 54 minutes and the rest they say is history...... So on to today, my first parkrun I heard about parkrun through twitter, where I have chatting with loads of like minded, Lycra wearing nutters who go out no matter the weather and pound the streets to get that fantastic feeling of well being (I can picture loads of you nodding your heads in agreement)and they suggested I get involved with parkrun on Saturday mornings at Eaton Park in Norwich, so I signed up, got my barcode, prepared last night by not drinking, eating sensible and getting plenty of sleep (maybe too much prep for a 5K, but hey, it was my first!), got up this morning, fuelled up with a banana and some porridge, slipped in to my Lycra (I say slipped, I'm mean squeezed) and off I went to take on the world!! When I got to Eaton Park, I started chatting with a guy who had been doing these for a while, so he talked me through what happens regarding where you start, where you finish, where you get briefed, and how the chipping and barcode system works, then he shot off to warm up (which for him was a full lap!!) for me it was just running about a bit, stretching and chatting with other like minded runners, some wearing SHORTS!! (it's minus 2!!), the whistle went and we all huddled close to hear (or in an attempt to get warm, you decide!) and clap the volunteers (top people!), off to the start line and waited in anticipation for the 3,2,1 off you go, where we all huddled for position and I shot off like Usain Bolt, far too fast, far too keen, far too many jelly beans!!! But it did mean I was at 2.5K in 11 mins 26 seconds!! I was never going to maintain that pace especially in the wintery conditions and I was right, but I did settle down and still had enough to power (I say power, I mean jog slightly quicker) past 5 other runners, to finish with a new PB of 24 mins 34 seconds and a pace of 4:55/K with is the first time I have been under 5 mins per K, so all in all a great time, great people and a great way to get 250/300 people running on a Saturday morning. This just left me to pop in to the park cafe and treat myself to a well earned Americano.......... I hope you enjoyed my first blog, if you did, let me know by checking me out on Twitter @iangolden (simples:)

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