Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Coventry Parkrun

Up earlier than normal on a Saturday, needed to get into my fancy dress and up to the park ready for the birthday award ceremony. Fancy dress theme was Countries of the World, had gone for a grass skirt with flower garlands hopefully not too hard to run in.

Even though I live literally round the corner from the park decided to drive as I had bought a cake to take up for the birthday party. De-iced the car not an enjoyable task rather wished I could walk as normal.

Love fancy dress Parkruns so many people put a lot of effort in to their outfits, the three cricketers from two weeks ago turned up as Arabs, there was a Mexican, a lady with a basket on her head and yes she did run round with it, more Arabs, South Africans and Aussies to name but a few.

Then came the big moment Jason called everyone together for the award ceremonies. The feeling of pride when I was announced as the winner of the ladies point league was fantastic, it was a hard fought battle with much friendly rivalry developing between myself and my nearest rival. Yet another example of what the Parkrun does for people, a year ago you didn’t even know these people now you are competing with each other shaking each hands at the end of each week irrespective of who came first.

The male trophy went to Andy Wilkinson who again had a tough battle for the award. Looking forward to my next year of Parkruns and wish everyone good luck in the competition. Think it will be even tougher this year.

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