Monday, 19 March 2012

Carrying the Olympic Flame at the London Olympics 2012

At last,  I can finally say that I will carry the Olympic Flame in Leeds on Sunday 24 June 12!

This morning came the official confirmation and more details about what will happen and I hear a nice pink and blue uniform? OH DEAR I dont suit pink!

I have to say that there are many more people that deserve this honour, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that I am highly honoured to accept, but it is also for all persons that suffer from post Traumatic Stress Disorder as this is what I promote.

Not once did I think many many months ago when I was kinldy nominated by a number of very kinfd people, would I get the phonecall of the email that said that I had been successful.  I have to give my thanks to Gill down in Sheffield as she was the one that nominated me and it was the nomination that they used, I thank you from the bottom of tmy heart and I am very humbled.

I was nominated partly for my efforts in setting up the Roundhay parkrun (also with a few other people) and also for my charity challenge of running 100 Marathons in 100 weeks to raise funds for Help for Heroes and awareness of PTSD.

I dont put my body on the line for these things and I expect nothing back, not even any praise but there are some that believe that this is deserved fo the effort that I have given, not just now, but for all of my life where I am told that I have inspired many people.  I always say that I am just a lad from Leeds trying to do his little bit and that this honour is for all my friends and family and all Servicepeople and those that suffer with physical and mental injuries through war.

I am very proud of what I have achieved and I will be very proud to carry the Olympic Flame.

I guess I will have to run a parkrun with my Olympic Flame?
Its not the Oscars but I would like to thank a few people, behind every inspirational person there are others who support you:

Rich, Kerry, Shelley, Ronnie, Nette, Phil, Andy, Gill, Chris, Les, Helen x 2, Adam, Tim, Michelle, Dan, Olu, Linda, Michelle, Atilla, and of course, all my sponsors and supporters.

And my biggest thanks go to the ladythat supported me from the very beginning .... Susanna, who is inspirational in her own way.!/100mara100weeks

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