Tuesday, 20 March 2012

parkrun to 10k - Week Two

parkrun to 10k - Week Two

So…brief recap for those of you too lazy to read previous blogs.  In five weeks time I will be running my first 10k and this collection of blogs is going to share the fun of a reluctant runner maybe (huge maybe) becoming a little (tiny incy wincy) bit of a runner!

So far week one was pretty good….oh really, just read the previous one….saves time!

So Week Two

I did manage to get off the floor after Sunday’s run you will be glad to know, the cat was a little annoyed as it had just got comfortable, but really, on floor is not a good way to spend the rest of your life…..although I did spend a good twenty minutes on the floor thinking this could be a good way to spend my life!

I also spent the rest of the weekend all excited after running the ridiculous 9 miles,  so week two was looking good…...


Up at 5.20 am again….why don’t the children or animals in this house sleep?  I know I am a morning person, but anything before 5.45 is just silly.  So by 8.20, when the children get picked up for school, I was more than ready to get out of the house for a run.  Weather was good, I was already having a bad hair day, the red top I had put on made me look like a radish…so no excuse really not to run.  So I headed out of the door.

Today’s plan was walking one minute and running for five minutes, ten times.  Didn’t sound too bad.   So I set off for the warmup, this time walking around the field after the big black dog and running incident a few weeks ago…..do you want to know about the Curious Incident of the Black Dog in the Field?…it has nothing to do with this blog, but it is quite short….okay, here goes.

Why running is not fun….Tale 1
A few weeks ago I set off running through the field when a huge black labradour called Penny attacked me.  I have two ‘bottom biting dogs’ of my own, so when a large dog runs towards me I am really not that bothered.  But once Penny had got hold of me, she just wasn’t going to let go…the poor owner is shouting at the other side of the field “Penny darling, Penny, come here good (!!!) dog” and I am still trying to run with a big black dog attached to my bottom.  In the end, I gave up, walked to the top of the field with ‘Good Dog Penny’ still attached to my bottom and returned her to her owner….who rather than aplogise said “well what did you think would happen if you ran through a field, she must have thought you were a rabbit”

So……I walked round the field!  And had a lovely run walk combination all the way up to Slaithwaite along the uphill canal, round the canal basin and all the way back again about five miles.  Nothing really exciting happened, the run was okay!  Excellent!

So to sum up
  • 50 minutes of running
  • 14 minutes of walking
  • listened to Lotte Mullan, Al Lewis and Elvis
  • carrying house key and iphone, battled with the earphones
  • how do I feel at the end - fine, lovely run


Darkrun - for those of you that are not reading this from the Huddersfield parkrun loony bin - firstly welcome…... and this next bit will explain a lot!

Darkrun is an extension of parkrun.  It started when we were looking at changing the route at Huddersfield parkrun and wanted input from the parkrunners.  It seemed logical to test the new route in the evening to fit in with everyone.  So one evening we all turn up with headlights and glow sticks and start running around the park….nothing more terrifying to the local park ferrels than 20 odd (and they are odd), sightly glowing parkrunners, on mass, running around the park, in the dark.  Everyone enjoyed it so much it was suggested that we do it again…..and even when the new route was agreed…."let’s do it again".  Then the local pub next to the park re-opened and now it is really an excuse to have a quick (slow in my case) run around the park and then drink and pub quiz!  We even have our own table reserved at the pub now!

So this week, I decided rather than handing out jaffa cakes at Darkrun, I would actually run at Darkrun and the lovely Nicki Dawson kindly agreed to run with me.  So off we set with the idea that I would be running for five, walking for one just eight times.  I couldn’t figure out how to get the iPhone app to work properly with the other app to check distance so Nicki and her Garmin agreed to coach.  

All I can say is that Nicki and her Garmin would not make the best of personal trainers at Darkrun.  
  • After the warm up five mins we start running
  • about nine minutes later  I ask “when are we walking, Nicki?”
  • ”Oh” says Nicki “about now”!!!!  
  • We then walk and talk and talk for two minutes (ends up four and a half)
  • Me “when are we running Nicki”…..Nicki “Oh, about now”  
  • We then run for the five minutes ( ends up six and a quarter)
  • Me “when are we walking, Nicki”…….Nicki ‘Oh, about now”   
  • Do you see a pattern amerging???
This goes on for a while…..then we have a ‘Genius Idea”  By now there are lots of other Darkrunners in the park, all doing there own thing, some in couples or groups, some on marathon training, some just waiting around for the pub!  Nicki and I decide enough running has been done for the day and it will be a really good idea to hide in a bush next to the POND and jump out and surprise runners!  So in the bush we go to hide, unfortunately spotted by a lovely couple walking a dog, tried to explain why we were in a bush….took quite a bit of explaining!!!! Although if anyone had seen them talking to a bush, they would have had some explaining to do too!   Nicki and I then spend a lovely amount of time (with the Garmin still doing whatever Garmins do) jumping out and surprising (scaring the life out of) Darkrunners!

After a while the jumping out of the same bush becomes a bit predictable and the next 20 minutes are spent running around the park, finding somewhere to hide to scare Darkrunners.  

Good hiding place Nicki on the Belvedere 

The following ten minutes are spent on the zipwire and the swings

Zip Wire Nicki
Bunny ears on the swings

Then off to the pub…. just for a couple, no quiz this time, we popped to the curry house instead

So to sum up….

  • Walking   - more than I should have
  • Running - who know
  • Zip wire - 20 times
  • parkrunners scared witless  - five
  • Darkrun quiz winnings - £0.00
  • Fun and laughter…..unquantifiable


After the disastrous run (but lots of fun)  at Darkrun I decided that I better have a ‘Serious” run the following day - this 10k is actually going to happen you know.  So after too much coffee I decide to run along the main road into town and then up the canal again back home.  It’s a 4 mile loop and I am not going to listen to the app (really can’t work it….top tip….don’t choose an app just because the graphics are pretty)….I am just going to run when I want and walk when I want.  And you know what?  It works….and I have a really good run.  This could be the way to go.

I don’t know what you all think about when you are running, but my mind never stops.  Sometimes it is about wether if I ever met Eric Clapton I could persuade him to let me sing with him on the stage at The Royal Albert Hall, sometimes about shopping, quite a lot of the time about how to get my children to behave for any period of time without calling in Super Nanny and sometimes about things I really can’t mention on here! :-)

Today it was all about wobbly bits….just to clarify, my wobbly bits, not anyone else's!  As mentioned in earlier blogs, I think running bras are designed by men with a sadistic streak.  They are ugly, they take contortionist skills to get into and after a long run are nearly impossible to get out of with out help.  But give them their due, they do manage to keep everything under control and not wobbling…..which is good.  But what about the bottom?  Why has no one designed a bottom bra for running.  There really was too much bottom wobbling (and not in a Enrique Iglesias bottom wobbling way) on today’s run.  So if anyone has a running bottom bra design they would like to share…please comment below……and Rich….this is not an excuse for you to mention the word knickers….I was wearing them!!!

So to sum up…
  • Walking  - 8 minutes
  • Running - 43 minuts
  • Carrying - a wobbly bottom
  • Listening to Eric Clapton whilst practicing for our upcoming performance
  • How do I feel at the end….good!
So all in all this week hasn’t been too bad….well the running side of things!  Friday night was spent at parkrun social and it’s amazing how many parkrunners can get PBs the following morning while still drunk…..but no blogging about that…..or posting photos!!  Probably!!!

Tune in for week three update early next week, Kx


  1. Oh how you make me chuckle when I read this. Huddersfield parkrun and your bunch of fellow runners sound like a mad yet fun lot. Good use of the word Belvedere as well!

    Max Steele

    1. With your buns of Steele you aren't going to need a bottom running bra, Max xx

    2. We love our Belvedere in Huddersfield. I wonder if any other parkrun's have one?
      Chris (27)

  2. Brilliantly readable and as hilarious as always Kerry. How did that dog know about you and the whole Huddersfield bunny thing?

  3. Oh Kerry, don't you know that the only reason hundreds of people turn up at parkrun everyweek is to look at wobbly bits? I mean, seriously, what's the point of having bits if you can't wobble them at other people? I try to wobble my bits as often as possible (at least three or four times a week) and get grumpy and dispondent if I miss a wobbling opportunity (but then I do come from a Nation where men wear skirts wi' nae knickers!)
    Chris x


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