Sunday, 4 March 2012

Inspirational Slogans

Recently I have found it entertaining to post photos of things I have found funny on the Huddersfield parkrun Facebook page!

It probably means that I…….

  1. need a life
  2. need to spend less time on the internet
  3. need to get a life
  4. need a different sense of humour
  5. need to get a new life
  6. need to sleep more
  7. or some or all of the above… decide?
The following is for your ‘amusement’ this cold and cloudy Sunday morning!

Probably only funny if you are a girl…..actually no, this would work if you were a boy too!

Mildly motivational medal #1

Mildly motivational medal #2

Husband found this is not the best thing to say just after I had run……save this one for when the other half actually looks good!  Or award it to yourselves every morning!

For the Garmin obsessed!

For those in denial about being a runners…..or for those that are actually being chased by hungry dogs!

We have all been there!

If you have actually said this…….put your hand up!

Only works if there is a runner behind you ;-(

That’s all folks…..I have got to go and cook Sunday lunch…..feel free to pop in for a roast potato if you are passing.



  1. Save me some tatties honey! Another fab peek into the ( unique and special) mind of our Awesome ED! (C) xxxx

    1. I also find "It's all downhill from here!" and "SHAZAM!" hugely motivating! (C)

  2. I laughed my head off when you said its all downhill from here after one lap yesterday Chris - James


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