Thursday, 8 March 2012

Newcatle & gateshead parkruns

We're pretty fortunate here in the North East to have five great parkrun events, with a sixth hopefully in Whitley Bay.  I started out running parkrun events with the first ever Sunderland parkrun, and as more events have come on board I've managed to do 'firsts' at each of Durham, Newcastle and now Gateshead.  Each of the runs is unique and challenging in it's own way - Sunderland has a drag up hill to the finish, the Town Moor is generally windy as hell, Durham has so great off-road sections (and insects - was stung by a bee in the second event!), and now we have Gateshead's Saltwell park - three times up the same hill could be very challenging.

I prefer a bit of a visual approach to describing things (seeing that I'm an illustrator) so I've done a couple of pics which kind of sum up both Newcastle and Gateshead parkruns.  I'll be sure to do Sunderland and Durham pics when I get the chance.

The gist of this post I guess is to say, you can come visit the North East's parkruns and get a real variation in races.  The town moor can be bleak in the winter, but it's got a kind of dramatic beauty to it, especially when it's hoying it down and the rain is lashing horizontally.  Saltwell is a very grand Victorian park, with loads of stuff for kids or non-runners to do while the runners slog it round the boating lake and up the hill a few times.

You'll also get a real warm welcome from the locals, whether it's the Mackem's or Geordies or the folks of Durham, the North East is teaming with friendly people who want to get out and run.

Happy running!

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  1. we are visiting park resorts whitley bay this weekend and regularly do the runs in leeds, just seen whitley bay doesnt start until june, can you tell me which is the closest parkrun,


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