Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A First ( old ) Timer.

A little history..

I am Stan Cottier,
65 years young,
First race..local scouts sports day 1961..I won the mile.( The highlight of 50 years!!)
Joined Waterloo Harriers, in Liverpool, 1968.
I have been running, racing ever since. Although, because of work/family commitments a fair amount to that time has just been running. No training or racing.
My P.B. for 5k, which will remain my lifetime best, is 16.20.

My first parkrun was at Princes, Christmas eve last year-2011.
So, parkrun  anniversary on Saturday..married 40 years on Sunday!
My parkrun P.B. is 24.30.

Why do I love parkrun?
It is always there. I don't have to think about entering races weeks in advance and spending money and then not go!
I know parkrun is supposed to be just a timed run but I still race as hard as I can and want to beat those in front of me.

I am not in the fastest 500, BUT, at the moment, I am 31st in the points table and 327th in the age graded league!!
I have volunteered 7 times and really get a buzz from it.I have given out barcode tokens at the finish and marshalled as well. I love clapping and cheering on all the runners.The feedback from other parkrunners is fantastic. ( So remember to volunteer. )

And so to 2013...
I want Santa to bring me a parkrun P.B.
I want to run over 70% (68.40% at the moment) for the age graded league.

Parkrun rocks..


  1. I am Joe 'The Pirate' Ellis.
    I am young.
    First race, 1966 1st year senior cross-country, 2nd (always second!)
    Played rugby for 30 years, a good sport for large, aggressive, rough types.

    First parkrun - Sheff Hallam Nov 2011. parkrun pb 22:31 Conkers - 69.85% (ha ha done you!).
    50 runs, 16 venues, volunteered 5.

    Love your reasons. Love your attitude.
    Share your 2013 resolutions.

    Pity you come from the wrong side of the hill!

    Joe - Graves, Hills & Highland Cows

  2. Sorry, Young Joe, but I think my 68.40% does beat your 69.85%. I think you are at least 2 age grades below me. So there!! I keep it going. I might venture over the hill one day. Do I need a passport??

  3. Sorry,Joe, your age grad DOES beat mine.Must have been the cold, or the wine, or old age!!!


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