Wednesday, 9 January 2013

100 years of parkrun!

Happy Birthday parkrun. 100 years completed!

Ok, so it's not really parkrun's 100th birthday and completed really is the operative word. parkrun really only started back in 2004 I believe, so it's a few months over 8 years old. But at the weekend parkrun did reach 100 years in another way....

If you take all the times, of all the runners, for all the completed runs, of every week, at every parkrun event anywhere in the world and add them all together then you get the total cumulative time run at parkrun. It is this figure which this week passed through the 100 years mark! Now that is impressive!

Every single parkrunner has contributed to this astounding feat of endurance and this is one parkrun stat where the slower runners can indisputably claim to have had the biggest influence.

An even more amazing way to look at this is that even though it has taken only a little over 8 years to reach this figure of 100 years of running time, we are probably only looking at another year or so before we double this and reach 200 years of running. Such is the incredible growth rate of parkrun.

Well done to all of us!

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