Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fastest 10 parkruns, by Female course record

These are the fastest 10 parkrun events, by female course record.

That doesn't really mean that these are the fastest courses, but they might just be. At the very least, they are all very impressive times.

Of course we do have some pretty famous running names in amongst these times (Lisa Dobriskey, Louise Damen, Helen Jenkins, Sandra Bowers, Lizzie Adams), the others may even be famous and I just don't know it! I suppose I should also say that Sandra Bowers' time was assisted by two Huskies.

Anyway, keeping all that in mind, these might just be the fastest 10 parkrun courses:

Event  Athlete  Time  
NewburySandra BOWERS15:48
Bushy ParkJustina HESLOP15:58
BraunstoneLisa DOBRISKEY16:15
NewcastleJustina HESLOP16:18
CardiffHelen JENKINS16:20
PooleLouise DAMEN16:22
BarrowLizzie ADAMS16:24
LeedsLizzie ADAMS16:25
BromleyFaye Alexis FULLERTON16:27
CambridgeSusie HIGNETT16:28

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