Saturday, 26 January 2013

Olympians at parkrun

parkrun is for everyone. From Olympians to beginners and everyone in between. But that said, how many Olympians have done parkrun, how often and what are their PBs.

Well here is a list of just some of the Olympians that have run at parkrun. I have concentrated on runners and I am sure that there must be many ex-Olympians from other sports that have since run at parkrun. So I doubt this is anything like an exhaustive list:

Andrew (Andy) Baddeley, 1500m runner, (9th place 2008), 4 runs, parkrun PB = 13:48
Craig Mottram, 5000m runner, (Olympics 2000, 2004 8th), 1 run, parkrun PB = 14:00
Jonathan Brownlee, Triathlete (Olympic Bronze 2012), 1 run, parkrun PB = 14:43
Anthony Whiteman, 800, and 1500m (Olympics 1996, 2000), 1 run, parkrun PB = 14:52
Mo Farah, 5000m and 10000m runner (Olympic Champion in both 2012), 1 run, parkrun PB = 15:06
Alastair Brownlee, Triathlete (Olympic Champion 2012),1 run, parkrun PB = 15:36
Lisa Dobriskey, 800m and 15000m runner, (Olympics 2008, 2012), 3 runs, parkrun PB = 16:15
Helen Jenkins, Triathlete (Olympics 2008 21st, 2012 5th) 2 runs, parkrun PB = 16:20
Liz Yelling, Marathon, (Olympics 2004 25th, 2008 26th), 21 runs, parkrun PB = 16:29
Hayley Haining, Marathon (Olympic reserve 2008), 1 run, parkrun PB =  16:49
Iwan Thomas, 400m runner (5th place 1996), 20 runs, parkrun PB = 19:18
David Moorcroft, middle distance runner (Olympics 1976,1980, 1984), 2 runs, parkrun PB = 20:14

If you know of any more Olympians that have run at parkrun, then please look up their times and add them in a comment.

Happy parkrunning whether you are an Olympian, beginner or anywhere in between.


  1. Baddeley's time is incredible, Mo was clearly jogging!! I'm quite happy that even after 20 attempts, Olympian Iwan Thomas is unable to beat my PB of 19.01. Keep trying Iwan ;-)

  2. Jessica Draskau-Petersson, Marathon 2:31:43(PB), 29 parkruns PB = 17:14

  3. Jo Pavey: 4-time Olympian
    1,500m, 5,000m & 10,000m (Olympics 2000, 2004, 2008 & 2012 - best 5th), 1 run, parkrun PB = 22:34

  4. Jo Pavey has also run at Bushy Park, but not registered times...

    Sonia O'Sullivan, various events (Olympics 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, silver in 5000m 2000), 32 runs, parkrun PB = 16:22

  5. Than you all for adding those others. Great job!

  6. Mo Farah has also run at least one other time at Busy but without recording a time. I think he was running with his wife.

    1. I remember that too Dan. You are right.

  7. Didn't go to the Olympics, maybe because they didn't do distance races for women at the time, but Paula Fudge was a Commonwealth 3000m champion and world record holder at 5000m, and she's run 129 parkruns, 121 at Frimley Lodge. Still getting excellent age gradings as well.

  8. Veronique Marot, Olympian in 1992 and former winner of London and New York marathons, has run Leeds Parkrun 16 times.

  9. Veronique Marot, Olympian in 1992 and former winner of London and New York marathons, has run Leeds Parkrun 16 times.


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