Sunday, 20 January 2013

Risk Assessments. Can anyone beat snakes?

When starting parkrun, we had to do a Risk Assessment, usual ones might be, path slippery in the wet... Sharing path with other users...Hot weather...Cold weather.
One of ours is "be aware of snakes on the path"  Brown Snakes, and Pythons are indigenous to the area, so although unlikely, I thought I should include.
So far no sightings, but that would be my bad luck to be the first event organiser to have to deal with snake bite!
Anyone got anything weirder???


  1. Wild Boar at the Forest of Dean parkrun

  2. We also have snakes on our risk assessment at Wynnuum - we carry a snake bite kit and know how to use it -but fortunately have not had too :-)
    But at next revision of risk assessment we might add 'dolphins in the bay', we have had one sighting in 20 weeks and it causes people to look at the bay rather than where they should be running - so trip and collision hazards?

  3. Yes, Alan, I would certainly cover off that risk, maybe a Hazard sign or two, and a safe viewing point would sort it. H&S, gotta love it.


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