Friday, 22 February 2013

Father and son

No, I'm not going to burst into song!

Yesterday I was asked if I knew of any father and son pairing that have completed their 100th parkrun event on the same day.

To me this leads to a couple of questions:
- firstly, how many Junior parkrunners have made it into the 100-club at all at any parkrun event? I'm sure there must be some, but how many can there really be? I'd be amazed if it was more than 50 say, but is it even that high?

- and secondly, the point of the original question, how many of those completed their 100th run on the same day as their Dad?

I was asked this question as this situation is highly likely to occur within a few weeks at Edinburgh parkrun and the duo involved wanted to know if they are setting new ground.

I am guessing that the answer to the first question will be some, certainly more than one, but I can't believe that any Father and Son will have shared their parkrun centenary day.

Please let me know if you know of any juniors in the 100 club and if any Father and Son have completed the feat of 100 parkruns on the same day.


  1. There were 9 juniors in the 100 club at Bushy this week, and another 3 nearly there (in the 90s) including my daughter, but as I've only done 73 she won't be waiting for me to get to 100!

    Mike D

    1. Mike, was that 9 new juniors going into the 100 club, or 9 wearing their 100 club top?

      No, it doesn't sound like she is going to wait for you!

  2. Ian - one of the nine did their 100th run on Saturday, the other 8 already reached that milestone previously - the highest of them have 174 and 175 runs...
    Actually looking back, there's one junior who's a member of the 250 club - currently at 254 runs.

    Mike D

    1. There are some impressive totals there.

      I think that answers the question pretty well. If there are only 9 juniors in the 100 club at Bushy parkrun then there probably aren't too many elsewhere. So the chances of any doing their 100th on the same day as a parent is almost zero!

  3. Hi Ian,

    You're assuming that the Son is a Junior, but could be an Adult.

    There is an Adult Father and Son at Pennington Flash who Marathon Run, but I doubt the'yre 100 Clubbers.


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