Friday, 22 February 2013

Time for a fast one!

I think it might be time to go for a fast one at parkrun tomorrow!

I haven't had many opportunities to go for a fast parkrun in the last couple of months, with two of my kids taking turns to notch up a few parkruns to their names.

My fastest parkrun time so far this year is a satisfactory 18:12, but now might just be the time to go for a slightly quicker one.

I'm not sure that the predicted temperatures for the morning (close to freezing) really lend themselves to a very fast time, but I think I'll set out to give it a go at a seasons best at least. I'll probably start steadily and try to wind it up in the second half.

I think going sub 18 minutes may need to wait for a warmer weekend, but we shall see.

My original plan to hunt down a springtime parkrun PB suggested that I would be aiming for a sub 17:50 by the end of February. With it being the last Saturday and last parkrun of February tomorrow, this is my last chance. However, I know that sub 17:50 is well beyond me at the moment.

A time somewhere around 18:10 would be great for now.

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