Friday, 1 March 2013

365 in 365 challenge - progress so far

We are already 2 full months into 2013, doesn't time fly when you are having fun!

At the turn of the year, one of the challenges that I set myself was to attempt to do 365 training sessions in the 365 days of 2013. Given that I only managed around 180 different training sessions last year, this is a significant step up. I am only counting running and cycling at the moment and I do allow more than one session a day, but they have to be distinct, separate sessions.

The intention of this plan was purely to increase the amount of exercise I do to try to both prevent injuries and aim for some PBs at various distances in the spring.

So in total over January and February I managed to complete:
- 39 running sessions (284 miles)
- 24 static cycling sessions (over 17 hours)

For a total of 63 training sessions in 59 days. Not a bad start to the year at all! And already 4 training sessions ahead of target.

If you add to that all the core exercising (26 times) and the stretching that I am doing most days, it is a job well done so far.

Now I just have to hope that it has the desired effect and I can get some PBs in the spring.

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