Thursday, 7 March 2013

parkrun, the next step

After 2.5 years of 5km parkrunning and having met and made friends with so many running club runners at Norwich parkrun who have helped me with my running, I had been thinking about joining a running club – a very scary step.
Living in the centre of Norwich I had so much choice – Norwich Road Runners who had taken me under their wing at the Wymondham New Years Day 2011 10km, Norfolk Gazelles and Wymondham Athletic Club both of whom I have become friendly with at Norwich parkrun, to name just a few.
In September 2012 we moved house which helped make the decision for me. Wymondham Athletics Club were to be the club for me. I turned up on a Monday night, with a friend for moral support and was very worried and scared and didn’t know what to expect. I survived and there were LOADS of runners! What was great was being recognised and recognising so many parkrunners! People were so friendly, helpful and encouraging.
I still don’t feel like a runner but now find myself representing a running club at parkrun, my first parkrun where my results showed this was on Christmas Day 2012 which I was excited to see. Thanks to parkrun I now manage to run with a club on a Monday night and if I am able to attend a parkrun each week then I am hoping to be able to fit in 2 runs each week.
I would highly recommend to any parkrunners considering joining a local club to brave it and do it!
Carla Potter

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