Wednesday, 24 April 2013

parkrun is the reason

Hello there. Thought I'd like to share my parkrun story with others.

At beginning of Feb my husband dragged me along to Nahoon Point parkrun in East London, South Africa.

The route is really challenging and not being a runner and been sitting on the couch for far too long I went along kicking and screaming.... the entire route I cursed my hubby for getting me to come.

It took me 1hour and 14mins and I came third last. I vowed never to go back, but the next Saturday morning there I was back at parkrun.... well parkrun is clearly addictive, I keep going back and trying to better my PB. Which since feb I have improved to 52 minutes.

I REALISED I actually really enjoy running and cant wait for each weeks parkrun.

I have started competing in trail runs and any race I can. I have now completed two 10km trail runs. In the process I have managed to loose 10kg.

parkrun is the reason I started running and is my motivation. I am still slowish, but at the end of the day at least I am running and not sitting on the couch.

Thank you to parkrun for inspiring me to run, get fit and healthy.

Tracy Kallaway


  1. This story is fab. I to attend a weekly parkrun in Ipswich U.K. I am a 45 year old lady, who a year ago was a non runner. I am not quick and normally finish near the back. I have made some amazing new friends and love the after run chat and banter and coffee. My highlight was, last week, getting my 11 year old niece round her first parkrun. The sense of acheivement she felt was written all over her face and gave me a warm glow. We are now looking forward to our next run together.

    Sally Solomon

  2. Tracy - YOU make it worth our while our coming out to Nahoon Point each week - thank you. Bob


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