Friday, 19 July 2013

My first inaugural parkrun

This weekend should see me take in my first inaugural parkrun event at Kingsbury Water parkrun.

I have run well over 100 parkrun events, sadly at only 4 different locations, but I have long been envious of the globe-trotting inaugural parkrun junkies for some time.

This weekend sees the inaugural Kingsbury Water parkrun event, and as it is only 30 minutes drive away, I thought it would be a great chance to break my duck and do my first, first parkrun.

I have been keeping an eye on Kingsbury Water parkrun for a long time since first seeing a Facebook notification about it. That seems many months ago now. Way back then, I agreed with my eldest son (8 years old) that we would have our first boys camping trip the night before the first event and then run the parkrun the following morning. And now it is just a day away.

Kingsbury Waterpark is a lovely location. We have been there a few times for family walks and picnics and it seems a great location for a parkrun event. The fact that there is a decent campsite right next door makes it all the more perfect for parkrun tourists. And even though we live so close, camping just sounds like it is going to make it all the more fun. I'll try to remember to feedback about the campsite should any other would be parkrun tourists be interested.

I'm really looking forward to our boys inaugural parkrun camping trip. Oh yes, first things to remember to pack...our barcodes! #DFYB

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