Friday, 13 September 2013

My tip for a parkrun PB tomorrow

This time of year is perfect for going for parkrun PBs in the UK. It's significantly cooler than it was just a few weeks ago and cooler weather allows you to push yourself a bit more without overheating as much.

This is a little tip to help you try to get a PB at parkrun tomorrow.

I have to admit that I won't be using this tip myself tomorrow, as my parkrun PB isn't within my current capabilities, but if you have been running within 30 seconds of your own parkrun PB on recent weekends, then this tip could make the difference for you. Whether you run towards the front, middle or back of the pack t parkrun, as long as there is someone quicker than you, then this simple approach could work for you.

It worked for me when I got my most recent PB. It also worked for a club mate of mine when I suggested he try it a few weeks ago.

The tip:
- If you regularly run at the same parkrun event you will probably recognise quite a few of the regular faces.
- Some of those people will be the ones that tend to beat you by 30 seconds to a minute every single week.
- The idea here is to focus purely on one of those people that you know will beat your current PB.
- Don't be too ambitious, just pick someone you know will beat your PB by 30 seconds to a minute.
- Don't worry about anything else other than sticking on the shoulder of that person for as long as possible.
- If you find that they are going too fast or too slow for your target early on (they may be trying this same technique with someone slightly faster themselves), take a look around and try to find someone else that fits your criteria and try to focus on them instead.
- You now just have to stay with them until at least half way. How hard can that be? The longer you can stay with them the better.
- Remember, you aren't likely to beat your PB by a minute, so expect that sometime in the second half that the person will start to get away from you. Just try to minimise how far they get away - keep them in sight for sure, but try to recover a little bit, saving something for a fast finish.
- When you get within the last 300 metres or so, give it everything you have left. That last minute or so can make all the difference in getting a PB. Try your best to catch up with the person you had been following, but don't expect to catch them. Tell yourself that it is only one more minute of breathlessness and a PB is well worth that discomfort.

I really hope it works for some of you. If it works for you then please do let me know through the parkrunfans blog page on Facebook, or by tweeting me (@parkrunfan).

And if it doesn't work, don't worry. One of the great things about parkrun is that there is always next week.

Good luck if you are trying to get a PB at parkrun tomorrow, but most of all enjoy trying and enjoy your parkrun.

Happy parkrunning.

*** DISCLAIMER - I don't claim to be a running expert, I'm just a parkrunner like you ***
*** If it works for just one of you, I may start to claim to be an expert! ***


  1. Epic fail! This is my strategy each week but seems it was everyone else's in front of me today.

  2. No word of a lie, I was exactly 30 secs of a PB.


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