Thursday, 5 April 2012

Name: Sarah Fry
Home parkrun: Coventry
Date of first parkrun: 21/08/2010
Total Number of parkruns: 20
My parkrun history:
4 in Swindon
16 in Coventry

Why did I start running?
Because I wanted to get fitter and keep weight off and running seemed the most efficient way to do it! I used to just do 10 minutes at a time on the treadmill and it was HELL but obviously as I got fitter and I got more used to running it got easier. Although I now know that I need to stop the treadmill before bending down to tie my shoelace.

Why parkrun?
I wanted to get quicker and a Facebook friend mentioned it in response to one of my open questions. I had previously never heard of parkrun. Tried it once and was hooked! Soon the partner and baby were doing it too. The baby in a pushchair of course. We tried it once without but she couldn’t keep up.

Most memorable parkrun? Coventry tends to give the parkrun before Christmas a festive theme. I was running on behind one of the many Santas and next thing I knew his belt had broken and I was getting mooned by Santa. I was a bit concerned about what was going to happen on Christmas day.

Why swap between Coventry and Swindon
Coventry is officially my ‘home’ parkrun but when I visit my partner’s parents they conveniently have Swindon parkrun fairly close. It’s a really lovely route so I try to get in a parkrun if possible when I visit.

Parkrun goals
To one day get a sub 20 5k. I’m improving slowly but I’ve got a way to go yet. However, it’s on The List.

Note - obviously the picture isn't from Coventry Parkrun. We can get a bit competitive at Coventry but we don't usually push each other in the mud :)

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