Monday, 2 April 2012

New Contributor: Michael Ross

Name: Michael Ross
Home parkrun: Durham
Date of first parkrun: 8/10/2011
Total Number of parkruns: 21
Number of other parkrun locations run: 0
Number of times volunteered: 7
My parkrun history:

Parkrun for me started with the launch of Durham parkrun on 13/8/11 but due to a very frustrating 2011 injury wise for me I began by volunteering. My first role volunteering was marshalling at Kingfisher Bridge, one of 3 bridges on the course that you cross.

My injury kept me to volunteering and spectating until October, when I finally decided after weeks of pent up frustration watching everyone else to pull on my shoes and have a jog round. I made it round but my injury still niggled, but I then thought ok I've made it round once, I'm going to run once a week at parkrun and that's what I did right up until new year, when I was finally injury free.

Parkrun was a real life saver for me during my injury period as I desparately missed the camaraderie and banter I was missing out on with not being able to run as usual with my work colleagues on a lunchtime. Ever since the first run I've witnessed the camaraderie that exists in parkrun and the support that everyone gets no matter fast or slow you are, there is always someone cheering you over the line.

After the run there is the post race breakfast in the splendid canteen to look forward to and the chance to re-live your morning's run with friends.

Getting up early on a Saturday and heading to parkrun is now something I look forward to. Addictive, enjoyable and social are the 3 words I'd choose to describe parkrun as.

 As a runner I'd say I'm fairly average and perhaps best known for the sound of my feet, there's no chance of me stealthily passing you by as you can generally hear me from about half a mile away.

Enough ramblings for now, you can follow me on twitter @run_rossy_run if you wish :)

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