Saturday, 10 November 2012

My 8 year old to attempt parkrun today

What could possibly go wrong?

He managed the sport relief mile without stopping this year.

He has also managed a mile and a half a couple of times without stopping.

So now he steps up to the 3.1 mile challenge of parkrun.

He is pretty determined to do it today. Time is of no object and my brother and I will just try to encourage him round.

It's also a great excuse for me to take it really easy given my cross-country debut today.

I honestly expect him to manage one lap and then tiredness and the lure of the cafe and a bacon sandwich may prove too much.

So, let's see how he does and I'll try to post an update later or tomorrow.

Good luck Ollie!

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  1. if he's got his father's stuborness, he'll make all 3! good luck Ollie!


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