Wednesday, 7 November 2012

On this day in parkrun history...7th November 2009

Just 3 years ago today, on Saturday 7th November 2009, parkrun was not quite the size it is today.

That 'parkrunday' (this word will be in the Oxford English Dictionary one day, I assure you) saw just 23 parkrun Events take place with "only" (in today's terms) 3,096 parkrunners (another future real word) taking part.

Just three years on and last weekend saw an incredible 183 parkrun events with 24,303 completed runs.

Impressive growth!


  1. Seems that Edinburgh, at parkrun number 22, was just before Cov and I quoted very similar figures and related stats to our anniversary gathering a few weeks ago. Looks like they are very similarly sized too.

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