Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A little ditty about parkrun Funnel duckers

Does anybody know what a funnel ducker does?

Funnel duckers are,
A very odd type,
They turn up to their parkrun,
Like any of us might.

They stand abreast the start-line,
Waiting for the "Go!",
Then head off for the distance,
Running fast or slow.

They run the normal route,
And never go astray,
They're happy taking part,
They always know their way.

They speed towards the finish line,
Then cross the line and all is fine,
They have themselves a finish time,
But then they go and leave the line!

The manager of the funnel will say,
"Hey Funnel Ducker, not that way!",
"Will you please rejoin the line?",
"It won't take long, all will be fine".

The Funnel Manager will go on to say,
"Please stay in there and walk that way",
"The numbers person is working through",
"The position tokens just for you".

You see, if Funnel Duckers duck the line,
The results won't always work out fine,
It may seem that this is just a whine,
But someone else may get their time.

So Funnel Duckers, don't spoil the fun,
By all means come and do your run,
Please just stay within the queue,
And all at parkrun will be happy with you.

Merry Christmas to parkrunners everywhere.

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