Wednesday, 26 December 2012

parkrun...what's the catch?

So parkrun is free....Really?....How can it be free?....What's the catch?

parkrun really is free. There is no catch. Simply register for parkrun and then turn up and run at any parkrun location whenever you like.

You don't have to pay to register and you don't have to pay to run.

The whole point of parkrun is to break down barriers that stop people from running or exercising in general. If it's free, that's another barrier out of the way.

If you feel that you should pay, there are ways to donate to parkrun. This is easy to do, but it is never forced upon you or even mentioned very often. Its completely optional. An money raised is used mostly for any minor running costs at your home parkrun, and partly put towards a fund to start up new parkrun events.

The only other thing that you are asked to contribute is your time. parkrun asks that all runners occasionally give up their run and volunteer from time to time. Volunteering is simple and this just helps to keep parkrun going. There are lots of roles and you will never be made to take on any role hat you are not comfortable with. Most of the time when being a parkrun Marshall it is just pointing the way and clapping the other runners. If all parkrunners do their bit and volunteer occasionally then we all get to enjoy our parkrun every week. parkrun suggests that we all volunteer just three times a year.

So there really is no catch at all. You only give back what you want to.

Go on, make 2013 the year that you get into parkrun!

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