Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012-2013 TARGETS

A quick review of 2012.

I had tore my Achilles tendon in September 2011 and am about 90% recovered from it now.
Still can't/won't do any speed work yet.
My first parkrun was Christmas eve 2011 and today (NYD) have completed 30 parkruns. My parkrun PB is 24.30.( 68.44% age graded.) I have also volunteered 7 times.

In January I though tendon okay and did a 5 minute speed session...mistake! It took about 6/7 weeks for tendon to calm down.In April I joined an over 65, 5 a side football team....BIG mistake! It was the end of June before I was running again and then only parkrun every other week.
September saw me running parkrun weekly but nothing in between.
In October I started to run 3x20 minute runs, very slowly!
The beginning of November was when I increased my runs to 1x25, 1x35 and 1x40 minutes, still very slowly.
I set a target of sub 24.00 before the end of 2012 and was confident of achieving it.(pride comes before a fall-ouch!!!)
The week after my PB, 24/11/2012,I pulled a thigh muscle.Still running but it is a bit of a struggle. Probably too much, too fast, too soon.
I have been running/racing for 50 years. Still don't practice what I preach... 

And so to 2013.

All my running/training will be based around parkrun, although I hope to run a 10K in the summer.
I hope to get my 50 tee shirt about May/June and will volunteer 10 times in 2013.
My P B target...Drum roll, please.....22.59 before end of year.
I will try for 24.15 end of Feb..23.50 end of March.
I think if I can get back to running 1x25, 1x35 and 1x40 minutes plus parkrun sub 23 is possible.

We  shall see!!

I will end with this quote "Only give up on PB's when you stop breathing"  Lovin it.....


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  2. Hey Stan The Man, here's wishing you an injury free 2013...keep it going and all the best! #upthepools


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