Saturday, 5 January 2013

365 in 365 in 2013

Well I've only gone and done it now haven't I!

New Year's Eve does this sort of thing to us doesn't it?! I suspect it will have caught many of you out too. I didn't even say it out-loud, but just after midnight as the new year started, I quietly set myself a couple of targets for 2013.

Firstly, having just managed to pop over the line and achieve 1000 miles in 2012, I decided I would have to up my game in 2013, going for 1200 miles.

And secondly, I have set myself the ominous target of 365 training sessions in 365 days in 2013! This is a massive jump on any training levels I have achieved before. I am going to count any running, cycling or swimming sessions and (of course) allow more than one separate session of each activity to count in the same day.

Last year I managed exactly 150 runs and probably about 30 cycling sessions. So I basically need to double the amount that I do. This is not going to be easy. Just thinking about it, if I miss any day I need to do two sessions the next day. Miss a weekend and I am really playing catch up.

I think the aim really has to be to increase the cycling to 2 or 3 sessions a week minimum. And if possible get into the habit of 4 or 5 runs a week too.

The whole point of these targets was that I was looking for a long term challenge. Something that would be a means to an end. If I manage these distance and training session targets, my "real" targets such as PBs should have a far better chance of happening.

I admit that these targets alone are focusing on quantity rather than quality, but my weekly training plan will take care of the quality aspect. These targets are just to keep me focused throughout the year.

So what (if any) challenging or interesting similar targets have you set for yourself for 2013?

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