Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Most parkrun course records

Wouldn't it be nice to hold a parkrun course record. Well some greed blighters hold more than one! parkrun tourism has a lot to answer for!

Here are a list of male parkrunners with multiple course records:
Kevin Quinn, 6 course records: Banstead Woods, Brockwell, Kingston, Nonsuch, Riddlesdown and Roundshaw Downs
Paul Martelletti, 4 course records: Finsbury Park, Hackney Marcshes, Mile End and Richmond Park
Steve Vernon, 3 course records: Bramhall Park, Bromley and Woodbank
Jason David Cherriman, 3 course records: Gdynia, Harrogate and Orpington (quite a geographical spread!)
Ian Kimpton, 3 course records, Abingdon, Barnsley and Hull

Here is the list of female parkrunners with multiple course records:
Clare Elms, 7 course records(!): Bexly, Greenwich, Hilly Fields, Lloyd, Orpington, Riddlesdown and Roundshaw Downs
Justina Heslop, 4 course records: Bushy Park, Crystal Palace, Newcastle and Wimbledon Common
Elaine Sherwin, 3 course records: Conkers, Leamington and Northampton
Joasia Zakrzewski, 3 course records: Carlisle, Kingston and Gateshead
Olivia Walwyn, 3 course records: Congleton, Norwich and Southwick Country Park
Sandra Bowers, 3 course records: Andover, Eastleigh and Newbury
Vicky Gill, 3 course records: Bedfont Lakes, Gunpowder and Wanstead Flats

Can you imagine holding 7 parkrun course records? That is pretty incredible.

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