Tuesday, 12 February 2013

parkrun course records

The longest standing male course record is at Cardiff parkrun where Michael E Johnson (I doubt it's the "real" Michael Johnson of 200m and 400m Olympic fame!) ran 14:40 way back on 3rd May 2008. In 3 months time that record will have stood for 5 years!

I'm not going to set a challenge (well, yes I am actually), but I wonder if there is anyone out there that can break this longest standing course record before it reaches the 5 year mark?!

The longest standing female course record is at Rolf Valley parkrun where Ashley Finaughty ran 17:59 on 18th June 2008. Now I think this is a bit of a special case as I think that Rolf Valley parkrun no longer exists (I may be wrong). A little research (and I mean a little), suggests that Rolf Valley parkrun was in Harare in Zimbabwe. I certainly haven't heard of it previously so I would suggest that it no longer exists.

So, the longest standing female course record at an active parkrun event is at Basingstoke parkrun, where Sophie Morris ran 16:56 (a very impressive time) on 29th November 2008. It must be time for someone to go and beat that time.

I'm sure there are some of us out there that would love the thought of finishing first (sometimes reffered to as "winning") at parkrun. But for 99% of us that is out of the question as there are so many fast parkrunners. But there are a significant number of us, who can't break our own parkrun course record, but at other events may just be able to do so.

So here are a list of some of the slower parkrubn course records. This doesn't mean they are achieveable just because you have a faster PB, as the course may be tricky (or at altitude), but it might be worth considering a parkrun tourist trip for a moment or two:

Slower Male Course Records:
Athlete  Time  
Sunrise-on-SeaSimon KUMM21:47
Nahoon PointCraig ALERS21:13
Modderfontein ReserveAnrich ZIMMERMANN20:10
Harrow LodgeDanny NORMAN18:48
Amager StrandparkNicholas BRYDE18:17
LivoniaThomas PREISS18:10

Slower Female Course Records:
Event  Athlete  Time  
SummerfieldsIlse FRITZ26:16
Sunrise-on-SeaKaren Louise DAVIS24:30
Nahoon PointJessica POLLOCK24:11
Morden HallRowena HORNSHAW23:09
WalthamstowClaire WAGH22:52
Modderfontein ReserveMarilise VERMAAK22:30
LivoniaJulia KENNEY22:19
HillerødKatrine Louise SVANE21:59
VejenJane SKYTTE21:55
BarkingAmanda Jane HESLEGRAVE21:38
Lake MacJenni ASHTON21:26
RoodepoortAnn BONIWELL21:06

Admittedly, there aren't many there that look too attractive. And travelling half-way round the world to maybe set a new parkrun course record is not looking too attractive to me right now. But each to his own if you fancy it!

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