Saturday, 9 February 2013

My name is Ian and I was a selfish parkrunner (today only)

For the last three months most of my parkruns have been with my kids (one child each week).

I had a quick look at my recent times and before today I had only done two fast parkruns since the start of November (3 months), and none since the start of December (2 months).

I have been asking the kids all week whether they fancied today's parkrun and both had been pretty sure they didn't. The covering of snow this morning did nothing to change their minds!

So as I turned up at parkrun in the snow this morning I was able to think about a parkrun just for me. I could have agreed to run with my brother and mate as the three of us jogged to the start area this morning, but I didn't - I was going to be selfish!

I thought about an acceptable time to aim for and thought under 18:36 (sub 6 minute miles) would be very good given the slush underfoot. Thinking of a target time just for me - how very selfish!

I started quickly but sensibly, certainly slower than a flat out run. After a couple of minutes I caught another member of my running club, I could have slowed and run with him but I didn't - I was being selfish!

After about two thirds of a lap I caught another running mate. I could have slowed to stay with him, I gave encouragement, but I didn't slow - I was being selfish!

I was now in 4th. First was off in the distance, but I kept 2nd and 3rd well within reach. Almost racing, at parkrun(!), so, so selfish!

Half-way in a surprisingly comfortable 9:07.

At the end of the first half of the second lap I was still in 4th. With a narrow section to come (due to 2 way parkrun traffic) I decided to put in a spurt to take me past the two in front. That was really selfish!

Another runner came from further back to take second from me less than a minute later, but now it was all about time for me. Could I get that sub 18:36?

With about 50 metres to go I heard the pounding of feet and troubled breathing of a would-be overtaker. Oh no I thought (quite selfishly!), you are not having MY third place. I upped my pace with the extreme (not!) acceleration of a slug (old man!). But somehow managed to hold off the teenage whippersnapper and hold on to third.

I had run my parkrun, on my own, as I had wanted, at my pace, been completely selfish and had loved every minute of it. And I managed to thrash my target with a time of 18:12.

It just goes to show how many different ways you can use parkrun for your enjoyment.

I might be selfish, but just once in a while it's nice to have a parkrun just for me. Oh how selfish!

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