Friday, 8 February 2013

On this day in parkrun history...8th February

Well I was going to write a post about the number of parkrunners that took part on one 8th February parkrunday from some time over the last 8 years or so.

However, it turns out that there has never been an 8th February parkrun, which was quite a surprise.

My maths is a little shaky these days and I can't quite remember what the calculation was for how many years it takes for every date to have appeared on each day of the week. I think the start date has some bearing on this too. But I suspect it is something like 13 years at worst before all combinations of dates and Saturdays have occurred.

So I'm afraid I can't give you any parkrun stats for the 8th February just yet.

Something to look forward to though, next year the 8th February will be Saturday and make its parkrunday debut.

I really do need to get out more!

If you want to read more pointless parkrun stats, why not check out some more of the parkrunfans blog!

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