Monday, 23 January 2012


Hi.. Thanks to my great pals Lisa and Becka, I began to run in summer time in 2011. The aim was to give myself a boost after a turbulent time.
So having not ran since my school days ( a loooong time ago!) I started literally doing a 5 min very slow jog.  Finding it difficult was an understatement! took my a while to get going.  a few times out on my own I partnered up with Lisa and slowly did a little further each time.
Dont get me wrong, I wanted to give up and that was before Id started! Never realised how unfit I was!
Anyway, Im still not great, not by all means. However I have completed 6 park runs now and have gone from 41 mins to 33 over that time. Also for my sins, I completed the Tadley Cross Country in 1hr 9mins.  To many that is rubbish, but.... I didnt stop and the main thing was I did it!!
I find it a challenge regardless of the distance I am up for but do find that its a good time waster which is great for your mind :)


  1. I'd just like to say a very big well done to Caroline who through sheer determination has continued to improve - come rain or shine. The only advice I ever gave her was to not stop - just run slower, and in time the speed will come - which she has proved! To knock 8 minutes off a PB is a fantastic achievement :-)

  2. awww...thanks girlie, my inspiration! :)

  3. Hi Caroline

    Congratulations on your achievement! from a completely novice distance runner who has just done their first park run. It's great to have friends to help and encourage you along the way ! keep up the good work and enjoy those endorfins !



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