Friday, 27 January 2012

Stats for first 100 Coventry parkrun Events

Here are some high level stats from the first 100 Coventry Parkrun Events:

Total runs 15,542 of which 37% were in the first 50 events at an average of 115, the second 50 events had an average of 195.5 runners. The current 10 week average is 185.

On average there has been 60 % Males and 40% Female runners.

There have been 90 winners with the fastest male recording 14:59 and the fastest female recording 18:01.

The average run time is 26:51 with an average of 6.3 runs per runner.

Key milestones recorded:
The 1000th runner finished in 39th position at the 10th event: Adam Baugh in a time of 23:42.

The 5000th runner finished in 6th position at the 46th event which was on Xmas Day 2010: Paul Slatford in a time of 19:40.

The 10,000th runner finished in 102nd position at event 71: Narinder Bains in a time of 26:30.

The 15,000th runner finished in 34th position at the 98th event which was on Xmas Day 2011: Laura Tough in a time of 23:42.

Posted on behalf of Coventry parkrunner Sarj Singh.

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