Monday, 20 February 2012

Never been a runner.. until now!

After 16 months of serious knee injuries, operation and extensive physio I'm getting back to wards my active life. Never been a runner.. until now!

I ran at the first Newbury parkrun 2 weeks ago.. and then again the following week and now it looks like I might be getting a bit addicted. After years of saying I don't like 'just running for the sake of running', I'm finding myself always gagging for the next run. Unfortunately I still have to wait for the knee pains to recover a bit before I can.

Doing these 5k's is a massive milestone in my recovery.

In my first ever 5k run, at the beggining of Feb, I did 27 minutes. This saturday (3 weeks later) I ran 22 minutes.

So I'm thinking in 2 months or so I should be the world record holder.

Posted on behalf of Tom White


  1. Well done Tom! See you 10 March where I expect to see you across the line in 17 minutes :-) (Rachael Elliott - Newbury parkrun event director)

  2. sh@@

    what have I done


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