Sunday, 19 February 2012

New Contributor: Vicki "whippet" Thompson

Name: Vicki Thompson
Home parkrun: Was Sunderland, then Newcastle, and now defecting to Gateshead
Running Club: Jarrow & Hebburn AC
Date of first parkrun: 10/10/2009
Total Number of parkruns: 25
Number of parkrun locations run: 4
Number of times volunteered: none (I work alternating Saturdays)
My parkrun history:

A bit about me

I used to be really big, way to big for running, although I was a pretty decent runner when I was at school.  I briefly had the school record for the girls 1500m, and I was a canny cross country runner, won a bunch of trophies and medals for wins at a local level. But when I left school I piled on the weight, did no exercise whatsoever, and ate loads of takeaway food.  It's a shame really 'cause I could have really made a decent runner through my twenties, but instead I ballooned out till I hit 16st 9lb.

I met my fantastic hubby Andy and decided to try and lose a bit of weight, didn't really want to go mad, just enough to get healthy, but once I got the bit between my teeth the weight dropped off.  It would have been fantastic if parkrun had been around in the North East when I started with the exercise, as it's a great place for beginners to find their feet, but at the time I just started on my own.  I used my mam's cross trainer, then went to the baths (swimming really helped) then met a lady called Helen who introduced me to her running club group, and set about really giving running a go.

Like parkrun, running for a club is a great benefit to any runner, regardless of their ability, and I'd encourage anyone to give their local club a go.  Since joining my club I've lost a load more weight (and kept it off for eight years), won a few medals as a veteran athlete (over 35), got a podium finish in a few races, and for the last few years I've been the North East Harrier league (cross country) ladies secretary as well as doing results for the Vet's Athletics NE Track & Field.

The main thing I think about is that if I can do it, then anyone can give it a go!
Newcastle parkrun Christmas Eve

 1st Gateshead parkrun

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